OHAR signifies Organic & Handloom India Pvt. Ltd. Set up by likeminded professionals, OHAR aims to craft each design with supreme care; providing an ineffable experience to the wearer.  Every piece of ‘OHAR’ has been cut-out from the finest fabrics; sourced from across the country.

Our essence lies in the natural fabric that we use for each garment we create. Our entire product range is made from Organic & Handloom fabrics of aesthetic quality with graceful silhouettes. The unparalleled texture and feel of an ‘OHAR’ garment makes it stand out distinctly.

As a business entity, OHAR believes in sustainable sourcing. We are pioneering new ways of thinking and acting in the area of sustainable sourcing and processing. We work in partnership with our suppliers, customers, Government, NGOs and other stakeholders to help make our environment sustainable for the future.

Ohar Fabrics

We believe that the foundation of ‘OHAR’ lies in the fabrics that we use. Our collection comprises organic and handloom fabrics that originate from natural sources.

Under our Organic range, we have used Organic and Sustainable fabrics such as Cotton, Linen, and Bamboo among others.

For our handloom range, we work closely with artisans, weavers and crafters from small villages across the country. We use classic fabrics such as Khadi or Handwoven fabric from various parts of the country in contemporary silhouettes. Through our label ‘OHAR’, we also want to help weavers from unrecognized corners to get a platform to showcase their craft. Every piece of our handloom collection is built with supreme care; paying attention to every detail from fibre to garment.